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Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the Spring Festival on Saturday March 3.

All of my students received a superior rating. You are all fantastic!

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Below is a list of the students that participated and received a superior rating:
  1. Sarah B.

  2. Alex B.

  3. Ben B.

  4. Cat-Han D.

  5. Anne G.

  6. Tom H.

  7. Aneesh J.

  8. Ishita K

  9. Annabel L.

  10. Paige M.

  11. Sadie M.

  12. Kelvin N.

  13. Ishan P.

  14. Rohan P.

  15. Taylor P.

  16. Aaron R.

  17. Deeya S.

  18. Samhitha S.

  19. Sean T.

  20. Larina Y.


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