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Shushan M.

Mrs. Jeri Bennett has been teaching piano to our four children since 2018 (Thankfully, we have only four children!)  Best words

Mrs. Jeri Bennett has been teaching piano to our four children since 2018 (Thankfully, we have only four children!)  Best words to describe her teaching style are “joyful yet serious.”  Our three daughters first transferred to the Bennett studio with various challenges in their foundational skills and preparations.  My youngest son followed suit later on, and Jeri clearly understood the nature of a fidgety young boy. What quickly impressed me as a parent was her patience and insistence on building the foundation correctly in the early years of piano learning.  Jeri takes time getting to know each of them:  their temperaments, learning styles, and musical preferences.  She then makes adjustments in her teaching methodology based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses without compromising her integrity as a classical pianist.  That commitment continues to this day.  


Jeri maintains a high standard and expectation.  She is meticulous with details and very capable of strategizing creative ways of tackling learning issues as they arise.  Moreover, her instructions on weekly assignments are written out clearly.  She provides effective strategies for practice from her decades of teaching experience.  This greatly helps parents in assisting young learners.  We are pleased to have a constant stream of delightful and well-learned piano music percolating through our house like the smell of freshly baked cookies! 


Highly regarded in Northern Virginia’s music community, Jeri demonstrates an admirable dedication to music education.  In my view, her dedication is heartfelt as a humble calling and a service to better humanity.  She faithfully instills the values of discipline and perseverance that are crucial in any artistic pursuit.  With a delightful sense of humor, Jeri’s balanced and methodical approach has guided our children's growth in virtues and developed a genuine appreciation of piano music.  Our three daughters and our son have grown to become well-trained piano students under her steadfast and tireless tutelage!

Jonathan H.

I have been a student of Jeri's for 9 years. It took me several years to find the right teacher and I went through several before I found Jeri.  For me, Jeri was by far the best fit.  Jeri is exceptionally patient with me, never forcing me to go faster than I am comfortable with, but always challenging me.


The first thing that Jeri did was to focus on and correct my technique to help me to avoid injury.  With Jeri, I’ve actually learned to become a fan of scales and exercises!


Recitals are especially nerve racking for me.  Jeri helped me learn to prepare for recitals so that I was fully ready.  In addition to the excellent preparation of my material, Jeri taught me relaxation techniques specific to performance.


For someone who started as an adult, and has had to juggle a busy schedule with work, children, and limited practice time, I’ve advanced at a good pace with Jeri, moving from beginner to an advanced intermediate level.   Jeri is an exceptional pianist herself, and is very well equipped to handle students at every level, from beginner to advanced. 


Jeri is a consummate professional, is extremely knowledgeable, and keeps up-to-date with continuing education and professional activities.   From her continuing education and involvement, she has brought back new ideas and learning techniques which we’ve been able to apply directly to help me.


It’s been a pleasure to work with Jeri all these years and I highly recommend her. 

Doug & Liz Gant

Our 16 year old daughter is currently a student of Mrs. Bennett.  Mrs. Bennett is very professional and polished.  Our daughter has taken private lessons with Mrs. Bennett since the third grade.


She can read music and play the piano beautifully without music in front of her.  In today’s busy world in Loudoun County, our daughter finds playing the piano relaxing.  She loves Mrs. Bennett who is able to provide direction and instruction to our daughter in a professional, pleasing way.  


We would highly recommend Mrs. Bennett for anyone interested in taking piano lessons.  We appreciate Mrs. Bennett’s knowledge, ability, and professionalism.

Elena S.

Mrs. Bennett has truly have made a difference in our lives . . ."Let me count the ways" . . .  She has brought beautiful music to our ears daily as we listened to the many hours Jessica was putting forth.  She has given Jessica many gifts no one can take away from her . . . the gift to play beautifully . . . the gift to improve upon herself. . . the gift to set goals and meet them. 


She has also been gracious and patient with this absent-minded mom.  Yet most importantly, Mrs. Bennett has been a blessing to us because she has totally given of herself to Jessica.  She has been a teacher and a friend.

Nellie D.

I want to thank you for the wonderful job that you've done with 3 of my daughters.  As I watched one of them play this evening with such grace, I couldn't have been more pleased.  Her music is just beautiful. 


As for the youngest, she genuinely misses you if she has to skip a week.  She loves her lessons!  She still prefers practicing over homework!!  Thank you so VERY much for everything you do to teach, train, and inspire my children!

Yella K.

Mrs. Mrs. Bennett has done a great job with both of my children.  They really LOVE piano!!!  We actually sometimes can't keep my son off of it.  He's on it first thing in the morning, after school, and at night.  


And my daughter  is just so happy with what she is doing.  She says now that we are with Mrs. Bennett, the big difference is that    Mrs. Bennett sometimes gives her a choice.  She really loves her pieces and it shows when she is at home. 


Practicing is no longer a chore~.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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